Hello! Welcome!

My husband and I got started with essential oils in February of 2016. We ordered our starter kit (I'll tell you more about that in a bit), and haven't looked back since! These little bottles have literally changed our lives - along with the way that we view our own overall health and wellness.

What do we use essential oils for?
That list is endless! To name just a few: we use them for cooking, cleaning, for better sleep, to boost our immune systems, to help ease tension, to calm and soothe our pets, to lift our moods, to help balance hormones, for stomach and digestive troubles, to boost energy naturally, to calm nerves, and to improve focus and concentration.
That's literally only a handful! There is no set of rules, you can use them as you need and find the best ways to add them to your own lifestyle.

Why Young Living?
The top reason for us is their Seed to Seal process. Because of this, Young Living has the most pure form of essential oils on the market - making them safe for topical use (applied to skin), aromatherapy (diffused or inhaled), and even for internal use (yes, you can even ingest some of their oils!). We wanted to be able to incorporate them into not only our lives, but our pets, and our future children's lives as well, and know that we were doing it in the safest way possible.
*Note: It is really important to know that not all oils are created the same, and therefore should not be used in all of the ways that Young Living oils can.
The second reason is their product lines! They not only offer more essential oils and essential oil blends than any other company, they offer us more natural alternatives to toxin and chemical filled products - cleaning products,  personal care items, vitamins & supplements, they even offer products formulated specifically for children, babies and pets - and have a clean makeup line! The best part is that with our monthly wellness box (also called Essential Rewards), we get all of these things delivered right to our front door each month! (That means I don't have to leave the house or put on pants!)

What is the best way to get started?
The Premium Starter Kit is the best way to get started! It includes the best variety of everyday oils, a diffuser, product information and samples, and access to a community - a team of people that will help answer your questions, share recipes, and teach you how to love your oils and use them safely!

What do I get with the Premium Starter Kit?
You get 11 of the most incredible essential oils:
Lemon - for cleansing and detoxing all things.
Lavender - for relaxation, sleep, skin, and to make your laundry smell amazing.
Peppermint to soothe head tension, for a little added "pep" in your day! 
Thieves - to boost immunity and clean naturally.
RC - (stands for Respiratory Comfort) - because breathing is important
Copaiba helps enhance other oils and good for your skin, too!
PanAway for muscles, aches, tension, etc. 
Digize - for all things digestion - nausea, upset stomach, bloating, or too many tacos?
Purification - because life stinks sometimesand this will help with bad odors (and pimples!).
Frankincense for everything! Also helps ground and calm.
Stress Away - to keep the stress away

You will also get a diffuser of your choice, samples, and tons of information about your new kit! 

What are the perks of becoming a member?
+ a 24% discount off of all future oils/product purchases
+ Access to an amazing community that will help encourage you, guide you, and share tips & tricks
+ The option to enroll in the Essential Rewards monthly delivery program (and earn free products!)
+ There are no minimums or required purchase amounts, and no obligation to "sell" essential oils
+ If you do want to earn some extra money just for sharing your love, that is always an option - and no other purchases are required in order to do that! 

**If this standard starter kit doesn't seem like the right option for you, and you'd like to put together your own starter kit, please let me know! I'd be happy to help walk you through that!